The Bottom Of A Mom's Purse

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About June 14, 2012

There aren’t many people who don’t call me Sasha. I’m a mom of two, though I still can’t believe it. I have trouble believing that I had one. I love my girls dearly. I always wish I could do more (not that I’m sure what “more” is). I have a boyfriend Jeff and We struggle together to make things work. I like to write. I think more people should. At the moment I’m a lonely SAHM, so blogging is a way to connect with the world.


I’m not sure what kind of mom I would classify myself with. Honestly I feel kind of lost. Like I have the kids that say I’m a mom but often I feel as just a kid myself. I’m not a shitty mom that doesn’t care what my kids do as long as they leave me alone. But I’m not a super mom that is on top of everything. I’m not overly green or vegan etc, yet I insist that the kids drink only 100% juice. I keep them clean and fed a well-balanced meal, limiting sugar. I have two lip rings and gauges in my ear, I’m young. I stand out a bit but it doesn’t seem to be a bad thing!


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