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Fat People Can’t Be Parents June 29, 2012

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Imagine being told because of your weight, your kids were going to be taken away? I came across an article about a father who will lose custody of his two sons because a doctor told the courts that the man was unable to care for them due to the mans excessive weight.

The 38-year-old man weighed 360lbs, down from 510lbs. A judge ruled that keeping up with the dad’s weight loss program would be a full-time job in itself making it impossible to care for two special needs kids. Therefore the boys would be put up for adoption.


The article doesn’t say exactly how “needy” the boys are, or if there were any other sources of help, or family. One would hope that every available option was offered.


The boys were originally put into foster care when their mother was put into a hospital after a possible mental breakdown and overdose. After a court ordered health assessment of the father the boys were taken away and haven’t seen their father in a year.

I find it strange that the courts have completely broken up the family. One can only assume from the text that supervised visits weren’t an option. The article did state that part of the decision was based on the father’s former marijuana use and violent outbursts.

Another article states that the father was winded after walking, making it impossible to keep up with two active children. Even tho the man had reported outbursts, there were no signs of abuse toward the boys

I hope that the outbursts weren’t ones recorded while dealing with this issue, because any parent would be quite mad and may have a outbursts or two.


Both articles leave unanswered questions about the family, like “why are the boys being put up for adoption and not remaining in foster care until the farther reaches a healthy weight”? He is clearly trying. It seems odd that the courts would want to break up a family over an issue such as this. If this is more about the mans weight than any other issue, then where is the line drawn? Can the courts really say that you are too over weight to be a parent? plenty of moms give birth to babies while being over weight to start with. At this rate, soon parents will be required to pass a physical fitness test. As the rates of obesity rise, I’m sure we will see something more of this.

I just hope that someone will think of the children.



Man has it been… June 25, 2012

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Man has it been hot. We live in New England, so we get all kinds of weather. Here and there we go through little heat waves. Anything 90+ degrees for three days we consider it a heat wave. It’s hard to imagine that there are places that 90+ is the norm.


Today is much cooler though. It’s a nice 85 out. My oldest is with my mom and Jeff is out fishing, so just Olivia and I.


I know some people like baby wearing, but I feel like I might bump into something and hurt her. Luckily she likes her swing (especially when I have cleaning to do). sadly yes, I have the house mostly to myself on a beauful day and the only thing I want to do is clean. “you know you’re a mom when…” I cleaned for a while and realized Olivia’s been quiet/ asleep for a while, even after I shut it off.


Jeff’s grandparents came for a visit a short time ago and his grandmother actually asked if the swing ran on a crank! Her son (Jeff’s dad) replied with “No ma! They have electricity”. It was an amusing moment to say the least. As we chatted, I realized how far we’ve come is such a short time.

The hand crank swings were horrible (but the intention was great). Once you wound the crank it was only good for a short time before someone had to rewind it often causing the baby to wake. How effective they were, I am unsure since this was before my time.

I remember my younger cousins having a battery operated swing that took about four D batteries. Thankfully, ours plugs in. I would hate to run out of batteries in the middle of a fussy night. We all know that’s the only time they would die.

But even further than the plug, not only does this swing play music, has six different settings and vibrates, but the seat detaches with the push of a button and turns into a bouncy! I wasn’t going to even buy a bouncy, just to save money. Plus I figured with all the other stuff we had, We didn’t really NEED a bouncy. But since it came with it and wasn’t any pricey-er than the rest, (I think we paid about $120) we said “why not“! It’s great because it fits nicely ::Note that I say nicely, not easily:: into the trunk. It gives we some where to put Olivia down when we’re visiting grandparents. Plus the vibrating motion is attached to the seat so it still vibrates on the go.

I guess out of all the gear we got, the swing is one of my favorites. One thing that I wish I did get was a bigger wallet for all those medical cards that came with the new baby. I guess that’s my new excuse to go shopping!

I wonder, whats one things other moms coun’t live without?


Happy Fathers Day! June 18, 2012

Happy fathers day to all the great fathers out there. I Hope everyone enjoyed their day regardless of parental status. It was a warm day so I took the girls to my dads.

My little Olivia. Jeff decided to spend the day on the couch.  He works all week I guess he’s earned it. I however, did not want to spend the day in the house all day. It wasn’t much but it was nice to get out. Not having my own car is mentally crippling me. I’m so bored. I shouldn’t complain, I worked hard for more than four years, sometimes working two or three jobs at once. So its kinda nice to slow down (as much you can with an infant and a 6-year-old)! Being a stay at home has its benefits definitely, but not having my own income is what’s killing me. It would be different in we could really afford for me to stay home. Sigh


So I was taking some courses this past spring and while doing research, I came across an article about a new trend. Stay at home dads. I knew they were out there (though I don’t personally know any), but I never really though about it being any different from a stay at home mom. apparently, according to the U.S. Census Bureau Stay at home dads are considered “child-care”.


Seems a bit bias. Stay at home moms are providers and stay at home dads are babysitters. Some would ask “who cares what the government labels us as?” but in a way it doesn matter, (at least a little). Dad’s that choose to stay home face a lot of discrimination. Even I’m not sure that I would be comfortable with the idea. being labeled as “childcare arrangement” isn’t pushing the movement any further.


We are stuck in some ways, and well progressed in others. I think as a woman I feel a need to be taken care of and protected. Yet, my sense of independence wants my own life/ money. In an even slightly perfect world, I would love to win even just a small fortune (well, who wouldn’t want that). Not tons, but just enough.


We can all dream can’t we?


Yo and Hello June 16, 2012

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Names Sasha, A mom of the younger generation. I have to wonderful girls.


They both keep me quite busy, but if I could find just a moment to talk to the world, I think that I just might keep my sanity.

General news, I find boring and depressing, but I love random facts. Elyssa (aka thing one (my oldest)) always keeps me on my toes. Just the other day She asked me what grasshoppers eat. Almost everyday I thank Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page for creating Google. I was slightly concerned when the site announced that as of this past March everyone’s private search history was going to be shared across Goggle services.


I first thought back to the time that I did a search about talking to teens about sex. I hope that Google doesn’t take the words “teen” and “sex” and start showing ads for teen porn sites.


Another site that I find useful is Image Wikipedia. It’s awesome because when I want to know…. well, anything, It has all the basic information in the first few lines and save all the detail for further reading. I can search shows and find out all about how, when and where they were started. I can find out how old celebrities are, or how many jobs they’ve had. anything you wanna know more about is all right there. It’s the perfect site for those (like myself) who ponder random-ness. And that’s what I hope to share with you all. So until next time my friends.