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Mom Shopping October 5, 2012

I apologize to my readers, I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had not a moment to write. (was that a double negative?) The kids have kept me quite busy. With Elyssa in cheer and Olivia wanting to be stuck to me like glue, it never stops. Recently my friend from Texas moved back home. It is so wonderful to have her and her daughter around.

With Fall time comes fairs and here in New England, For those of you across the globe who don’t know, It’s the Big E, or less commonly known as the Big Eastern States Exposition. It comes every year and it’s a blast to be had by all ages. It really is an amazing event. There are all kinds of shows like Jeff Dunham and Alan Jackson, as well as other entertainment. There are animals, and animal shows throughout the grounds.


When we saw these playful guys we couldn’t resist. They’re among the seal and sea-lion family, but for the life of me I can’t remember what they’re called. Other than the fish breath they were quite pleasant.

Even Olivia enjoyed the petting zoo. We spent the day on rides (for both kids and adults), eating amazing food, and walking about the different vendors. We had a lot of fun, and can’t wait for next year.


So with a new shopping gal pal around, I’ve had another excuse (not that I needed one) to do just that. Recently we went to Kohls, one of my favorite stores. They have great clothes for me, as well as the kids. Best of all, prices are very reasonable. The downfall, the shopping carts. My big ol’ pumpkin of a kid, was still too small to ride. She’s six months old and yes, old enough to sit unsupported, but still she wobbled as we pushed her throughout the store. Before she could sit, I was forced to either carry her in the car seat, or bring her stroller.

Some parents, will go as far to argue that car seats aren’t safe on top of the standard shopping carts anyway, but honestly I believe that car seat makers say that simply for liability reasons. I find that the car seat snap in to a cart just like it would snap to the base. Trips to BJ’s or any market would be miserable if I put her in the basket portion of the cart.

From what I’ve heard around the country, not every Kohls has these horrible carts, leaving a mom with so few options, but what a store in the next state over has, doesn’t help me in any way. Sure, for some bringing the stroller or a baby wrap is no big deal, but for many, it’s a big inconvenience, a pain, and a hassle. I won’t stop shopping at Kohls, but I’m definitely less inclined to shop here with the tiny tot in tow.

So the ongoing battle of making life functional with children continues to go on, But I must say the daily struggles do seem minimal. Until next time my readers…


True Fun For the Fam July 14, 2012

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Talk about unexpected fun! I took the kids to a pottery studio the other day. They carry tones of unpainted pottery (like banks, dishware and such), You pick a piece and you paint it to your liking. The put it in a kiln (it’s like a big oven) and its glazed, shiny and ready for use.


Elyssa choose a hello kitty bank, and I a turtle; Sheila’s feeling lonely back in Texas I thought I’d send her something to cheer her up (she likes turtles).

I actually enjoyed it. The baby was content sitting in her car seat playing with toys. We were there about an hour or so.

The place I went to isn’t a chain, but I believe there are all kinds of these little studios around the country.

What’s even better, At night, they have a Bring Your Own Booze policy for adults. I’m not a heavy drinker by any means, but the idea of sipping wine with other adults and painting pottery, sounds like a great refresher for those looking to restore sanity by engaging with other adult (who are probably parents  as well).

Its gonna take two weeks till we can pick up our pieces, and it was a little pricy, but not too bad . But it’s all worth it. The studio also does jewelry making , glass fusing, and mosaics.  I’ve even convinced Jeff to come with me one night! The possibilities are endless here, and you don’t need any talent to do it. I’m all about different and this is definetly it.


Good Friends, Good Food July 5, 2012

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Ass a child I was very a picky eater. Worse, my mother just accepted it and didn’t generally make me eat anything I didn’t want to. I didn’t starve, she made a point of buying and making the things that I did eat. Now, Later in life, I’m still somewhat of a picky eater, but at least I’m more willing to try new things. I love eating out at new non-chain places or ordering non familiar dishes at familiar restaurants. It’s fun! With that being said, One of my best friends flew up from Texas and was here visiting friends and family.  She has a little girl about 18 months or so.


I found it interesting to watch and interact with her because its been a long time since Elyssa was that little and Olivia is still a bit away from being that big. At the same time she found amusement in playing with an older more interactive child. We had quite the day! We played games throughout the house including Hide and Seek.

 We walked to the local school yard and played and ran in the hot sun.


Once dinner time came around we ended up at the local Ihop. I love breakfast anytime of day. I don’t see the taboo in eating “breakfast” for dinner. As long as it’s somewhat healthy and/ or balanced. We knew Ihop would be perfect for the kids most of all. It’s nice, but not so nice that you worry about the mess kids leave behind. I got the bacon omelet with pancakes. Minus the chaos of the children, it was really good. I loved it. It had this amazing cheese sauce in the middle, and of course tons of bacon.


We hung out a bit longer until the children tiered out. I was purely exhausted. The heat, the excitement of it all, I was happy to end the day and put my feet up. Sheila is one of my best friends and even though she is [what seems like] a million miles away, we do a lot together throughout the year.


Being a stay at home mom can become very isolating. I find myself looking forward to cookouts and other get-togethers more so than I used to. For most of us it is in our human nature to be social. We thrive on human interaction. Don’t fight it, embrace it!


Fat People Can’t Be Parents June 29, 2012

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Imagine being told because of your weight, your kids were going to be taken away? I came across an article about a father who will lose custody of his two sons because a doctor told the courts that the man was unable to care for them due to the mans excessive weight.

The 38-year-old man weighed 360lbs, down from 510lbs. A judge ruled that keeping up with the dad’s weight loss program would be a full-time job in itself making it impossible to care for two special needs kids. Therefore the boys would be put up for adoption.


The article doesn’t say exactly how “needy” the boys are, or if there were any other sources of help, or family. One would hope that every available option was offered.


The boys were originally put into foster care when their mother was put into a hospital after a possible mental breakdown and overdose. After a court ordered health assessment of the father the boys were taken away and haven’t seen their father in a year.

I find it strange that the courts have completely broken up the family. One can only assume from the text that supervised visits weren’t an option. The article did state that part of the decision was based on the father’s former marijuana use and violent outbursts.

Another article states that the father was winded after walking, making it impossible to keep up with two active children. Even tho the man had reported outbursts, there were no signs of abuse toward the boys

I hope that the outbursts weren’t ones recorded while dealing with this issue, because any parent would be quite mad and may have a outbursts or two.


Both articles leave unanswered questions about the family, like “why are the boys being put up for adoption and not remaining in foster care until the farther reaches a healthy weight”? He is clearly trying. It seems odd that the courts would want to break up a family over an issue such as this. If this is more about the mans weight than any other issue, then where is the line drawn? Can the courts really say that you are too over weight to be a parent? plenty of moms give birth to babies while being over weight to start with. At this rate, soon parents will be required to pass a physical fitness test. As the rates of obesity rise, I’m sure we will see something more of this.

I just hope that someone will think of the children.



Happy Fathers Day! June 18, 2012

Happy fathers day to all the great fathers out there. I Hope everyone enjoyed their day regardless of parental status. It was a warm day so I took the girls to my dads.

My little Olivia. Jeff decided to spend the day on the couch.  He works all week I guess he’s earned it. I however, did not want to spend the day in the house all day. It wasn’t much but it was nice to get out. Not having my own car is mentally crippling me. I’m so bored. I shouldn’t complain, I worked hard for more than four years, sometimes working two or three jobs at once. So its kinda nice to slow down (as much you can with an infant and a 6-year-old)! Being a stay at home has its benefits definitely, but not having my own income is what’s killing me. It would be different in we could really afford for me to stay home. Sigh


So I was taking some courses this past spring and while doing research, I came across an article about a new trend. Stay at home dads. I knew they were out there (though I don’t personally know any), but I never really though about it being any different from a stay at home mom. apparently, according to the U.S. Census Bureau Stay at home dads are considered “child-care”.


Seems a bit bias. Stay at home moms are providers and stay at home dads are babysitters. Some would ask “who cares what the government labels us as?” but in a way it doesn matter, (at least a little). Dad’s that choose to stay home face a lot of discrimination. Even I’m not sure that I would be comfortable with the idea. being labeled as “childcare arrangement” isn’t pushing the movement any further.


We are stuck in some ways, and well progressed in others. I think as a woman I feel a need to be taken care of and protected. Yet, my sense of independence wants my own life/ money. In an even slightly perfect world, I would love to win even just a small fortune (well, who wouldn’t want that). Not tons, but just enough.


We can all dream can’t we?